Ricci Flow Nutrition is an approach to health that integrates diet, lifestyle, mindset, environment and movement within the context of your personal story. It was conceptualised as a way to emphasise the notion that nutrition is not solely about food; rather, it encompasses all aspects of the environment that we interact with.

Conventional nutrition advice operates within a standardised model despite far reaching individual differences, both biochemical and physical. With Ricci Flow Nutrition, my aim is to work with you to understand your story and seek protocols and outcomes that are significant and permanent.
Ricci Flow is an area of study within topology that uses techniques of differential geometry to analyse and influence and object’s form. This concept can be applied to nutrition and health to gain a greater understanding of how balance and vitality may be manifest. This metaphor is exemplified in the Ricci Flow Nutrition logo.

I offer guidance and direction for those seeking help with any health issue as well as those seeking to quantify and optimise their performance and vitality.

Humans are complex beyond our own comprehension. Mechanistic approaches to life as a system can only get us so far, and inherently cannot lead us to a more cohesive integration of ourselves into the world. With the concept of Ricci Flow as a guiding principal, we can take a step back and look at health as an interconnected story in which we all play a central part.


This is a free 10 minute consult to discuss your case and assess the best way for us to proceed.

This can be a stepping stone for you to begin resolving any problems you might have as well as helping you understand how to continue taking care of yourself leading into the future.

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