I am Cameron Borg.
I am a qualified nutritionist based in Sydney.

My interest in nutrition and health began at the age of 20 when I became disenfranchised with the medical system after resolving several long-standing health issues through lifestyle changes. This resolution came after years of unsuccessful conventional treatment. With an interest in diet, I gained a bachelor’s degree while continuing to deeply explore and experiment with other therapeutic tools. I am currently engaged with several functional medicine doctors and researchers throughout the world and am continuing to learn from their approaches and discoveries.

My areas of interest include personalised nutrition, circadian biology, water, light, sleep, electromagnetic radiation, breath-work, play, psychology, regenerative agriculture and movement.

My focus is you. You are completely unique, and as a result, will require a completely personalised protocol to help your vitality return. My goal is to understand you and your story as deeply as possible so that we can focus on what can benefit you. I strongly believe that this approach far exceeds the use of standardised meal-plans and exercise routines. When working with me, our priority is to supply you with a conceptual understanding of health so that you can take control of your own health.

I am committed to helping people find their way through their health issues through simple and natural principals that are simply not used by conventional practitioners. When you work with me, we will generate a comprehensive plan to help restore and optimise your health by using the most natural and powerful therapeutic tools.