Having a safe, reliable source of water throughout your day is essential for your health. Staying hydrated can be difficult, particularly when you don’t have a sturdy bottle or a bottle big enough to last you for a few hours.

Hydration is absolutely vital for health. Unfortunately, plastic water bottle leach endocrine disrupting chemicals into the water that they contain. This is not a good situation, particularly because over time, these plastic bottles become more frail and tend to leach more and more as time goes on. Stainless steel water bottles were the answer for me. I take large amounts of water everywhere I go; even to the shops. I use Cheeki’s 1.6 litre bottle constantly, and best of all, it’s safe and will last me a lifetime.

I recommend everyone invest in at least one large stainless steel water bottle (I’ve broken too many glass bottles now to know stainless steel is the way to go). I have no affiliation with Cheeki, I just enjoy using their products.