Welcome to the Ricci Flow Nutrition Podcast. On today’s episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jacob Liberman O.D, PhD.
Jacob is a visionary in the areas of light, vision, emotions and consciousness. He has written several books including ‘Light: Medicine of the Future’, ‘Take Off Your Glasses and See’, and ‘Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living’. Steeped in the incredible fields of vision science and optometry, Jacob took on a new perspective in his studies and practise when he resolved long-standing issues with his own eyesight. This experience lead him to experiment with a variety of simple, natural and effective life-changing therapies with the tens of thousands of individuals he’s worked with throughout his career. Liberman is a recipient of the H.R. Spitler award for his profound contributions to the field of phototherapy and is the inventor of the EYEPORT Vision Training System, the only FDA-cleared medical device clinically proven to improve visual performance.
My conversation with Jacob was absolutely amazing. I sensed immediately that I was speaking with someone who carried an incredible amount of wisdom and humility. He is so kind and generous and genuine. Our conversation centred around the less tangible aspects of eye-sight, and focused more on the philosophical territory of vision and consciousness. I sensed that Jacob’s long and fruitful career in the cutting edge of vision and light had lead him to a point where he realised that nature is filled with so much awe and creativity, that it is sometimes better not to analyse these questions from a materialistic framework, but from an experiential one. His considerations and thoughtfulness in discussing these topics with me made me realise his wisdom and honesty. I had an absolute pleasure with Jacob and learned so much. I sincerely hope you enjoy our conversation.