I never liked using plastic containers to store food. These containers tend to get scratched and heated over and over again, making them leach more endocrine disrupting chemicals into the food that I would be eating. Seed & Sprout make great silicone bags that I use regularly to store things like soups and broths. They are incredibly sturdy and durable and are fantastic for air-tight storage of any food items. Unlike plastic containers, these will likely last a lifetime. These bags also allow you to squeeze air out before sealing; something most rigid plastic containers cannot do. This can be perfect for individuals struggling with histamine issues who want to be able to lessen the burden of leftovers on their symptoms as oxygen allows for the histamines to accumulate.

I am not affiliated with this company, but I have been using their products for some time now and would recommend their products as they are safer and have a greater longevity than their conventional counterparts.
They also sell an excellent range of pantry and personal care items that are safe and devoid of any nefarious chemicals.