Zen is mother of 3 and the founder and executive director of the nonprofit organisation, Moms Across America. Zen has been a champion of informed consumer decisions throughout America since learning that the environmental chemicals in the foods that her and her family were eating were affecting the allergic symptoms in her young boys. With her deepening understanding of the dangers of pesticide residues on conventionally grown food she began rallying concerned mothers around the country to come together and seek change. Moms Across America have been involved in large-scale attempts to have the labelling of GMO foods mandatory in several states throughout the US. While not always able to prevail over the massive corporate lobbyists, the word continued to spread as more and more mothers have made commitments to change their consumer habits to protect the health of their families as well as the environment.

I had such a wonderful conversation with Zen. She is truely an inspiring figure, and has shown many that change starts with the individual. Her message is powerful and clearly resonates with many tens of thousands of people in the US alone.

With all of that being said, I hope you enjoy our conversation.